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Friday, March 25, 2011

How to determine the authenticity of Pearl

First: Put the pearl and rub into your mouth or bite it gently (do it carefully because of pearl can be swallowed) if it feels slippery, then it is false. Because the original was a little like a sandy. This test is always used all the time by people whose concerned with world's pearls.

Second: Place pearl in your palm of the hand and weigh it. Genuine pearls will feel heavy while the false is light except the fake pearls made ​​of glass beads.
Third: If the pearl has been perforated, you can use a magnifying glass and look at the edge of the hole if the original pearl where the edges look smooth and sharp, while a fake will look rough and uneven.

Fourth: Can also burn if it is melted,  clearly fake because the original does not burn. For fresh water pearl if it is burn like impression on fire but does not melt.

Fifth: Observe your pearl is there a line / blemish, most genuine pearls have at least one line / blemish, defect false or not entirely smooth. (note most of the original pearl condition was like that, but if you find your pearl there is no defect at all but if the test No. 1-4 has been done and show its authenticity it is better to make sure you come to the experts for examination by X-ray to determine original or not.)

Sixth: The Pearl of the original is much more expensive than the fake.
While differences Cultivation  Pearl or natural Pearl (Pearl Nature) is located on the way to get it in other words, both the original but different ways to get it, if pearl farming is clear because the developed by humans or pearl culture obtained because of human intervention that is by way of entering small granules (nucleating) into the gonad shellfish living organ so that the body slowly these shells to react by issuing a kind of wrap mucus granules which had been included over the years so that small grains had become a pearl of the longer growing.

While the natural pearl oysters obtained from the wild and is now a natural pearl is extremely rare because of its rarity. Since each shellfish living in the wild is not necessarily exist because the process of entry of pearls a stranger object in the body shells are not made ​​by man may be the entry of foreign matter such as sand or other objects that inadvertently included in these shells and there was the process of pearl.


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