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Friday, March 25, 2011

Pearl - old and new

Since man can dive in the depths of the sea, the pearl has been valued as a very rare item and become a prestigious stone jewelry.
They decorate the crown of Roman King and become valuables first war booty after power down. Persians, Chinese and Indian showed their beauty with pearls according to the literature of ancient. In the book of the Talmud and the gospel explain that the scarcity and value of pearls, and in the holy book of Qur'an, a portrait of Heaven decorated with these pearls.

Roman and Greek nobility renowned at the time of Cleopatra invited by Antony to a dinner that very lavish ever held, in which he deftly moves from below then one of the pearl earrings a priceless entry into his mouth.
Other famous queen to enrich the beauty of pearls is the Queen of England Elizabeth I. She has an interest in this such a kind of jewelry and wear them as crown ornaments, a long string of jewelry and abundant in her cloth and collar, a perfect tribute toher status as a queen.

Now, pearl jewelry is one of the most sought after in the world. Perfect harmony with nature, this precious stone is very familiar with both young and old people who enjoy the way how the pearl in contact with skin and its bright.

Brilliance (sparkle) special character at the beauty of pearls or genuine pearls (natural or cultured) is the sheen (luster). Pearl luster is important when choosing pearl sheen must be absolutely clear not blurred. Pearl luster affect levels of the pearl, no matter how good the perfect color or shape. Since South Sea Pearl (such as farmed pearls in Lombok - Indonesia, including the category of south sea pearl) has a layer of "nacre" creamy sparkling  and recorded as a pearl that has a soft glow that makes its very high value.

recent size discovery of a pearl of unusual size of the south sea pearl cultivation is the perfect image that has renewed world charm of pearl stone. Strands of large pearls of very good to be unique valuables in the present as something that has never seen by humans.

SHAPE: The perfect shape is round and the Oval and it is  extremely rare, so affect the value and price of these pearls. It does not mean that other shapes has no value but it has own uniqueness and price for a pearl south sea pearl is thickness of the layer "nacre" depending on the size and form, so the form also affects the thickness of "nacre"

COLORS: From white to bright golden yellow, the range color and type of the beauty pearls from south is very unique. The true white color does not indicate quality but the southern pearl white color normally mixture between white and pink or pink and  silver, or gold-plated into pearls that have a high value high in quality and price.


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