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Friday, March 25, 2011

Suiseki - the Natural High Value Stone

Suiseki, Natural High Value Stone
art lovers, natural rock commonly called Suiseki has its own artistic value.Even be impressed and amazed to see it, since it is not a human work, but the natural result of a divine Creator. The shape is unique, beautiful, stunningeven contain a mystery, so as to invite inspiration. Suiseki can be used asinterior accessories are placed in the home or workspace.

According to the owner of the Gallery Shop is located at Sunan Gunung Jati Street,  Pasindangan Cirebon regency of Indonesia, Lilis Setiawaty, thousands of her Suiseki collection stems from her husband's hunting hobby of rock that formed in the period of thousands or even millions of years. The collection ranging from Brass from Ciniru river located at the foothill of Mount Ciremai region, Cikeruh river, Sumedang, Purwakarta, Sumatra, Celebes, and even some rocks from Irian Jaya.

When differentiated by origin, some are from stony clay or of sand are also petrified. The shape is not the art of carving, but look different as the natural objects which will not be present in the same form, so that its existence exclusively. The shape is a miniature of nature and a view, as in the form of cliffs, mountains, caves or abstract that can be drawn from the imagination of each of the beholder. There's even rock-like fruit, such as apple, guava  and kapok.

"The late of Ismail Saleh during his lifetime was a Suiseki lover, and some of the collections are also from him. Talk about the price, there is US $ 10 until US $ 20,000  even more. For certain person appreciate the artistic and value of Suiseki and willing to hunt to difficult places.


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