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Friday, May 15, 2009


It is originally from volcanic lava. volcanic Earthquake make this hot fluid flow out from the belly of the earth, erase mineral and various creatures that impede the path. Millions of years later, between the lava that has been frozen, appear beautiful rock. Variety in color and very knowledgeable of their hindered motive until there is no vocabulary to describe the perfect of these natural stone.
Often in the exhibition we see the Obsidian Stones that are a shiny black combine with beautiful necklace hanger. With the silver processed using decorative techniques or called granulation technique, showing white spots on obsidian fulgent stones. The result, like the brightly night with shine stars.
Besides their beautiful performance, can also show the effect of freshness, simplicity, and purity, then no need to wonder if the beautiful woman aged 38 years always appear younger with flamboyant accessories ethnic nuances.
In Indonesia, because it is located in the ring of fire so that create amount and type of rock to be infinite, such as the type of Agate rock, black opal, Obsidian, pearls, coral, which is also the potential to be beautiful jewelry.
a beautiful Motif patterns will occur after perfect cutting, sharpening, and selection patterns carefully, so that it can make natural rock lovers feel natural shade of the rock.
Despite that wearing jewelry is as a myth, as to believe that certain stones bring prestige, fortune, also rejected dangers, but actually more on the aesthetic elements. People hunting stone merely for the beauty that will not be found on other types of jewelry.


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