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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Basically the man was created in a perfect condition, so that when someone was sick, in fact the human body already has anti-body, the regeneration and healing naturally. But rushing, stress, lifestyle, food, polluted environmental, can be possible attack the body system so that natural regeneration power weakening and even trigger the emergence of other diseases.

Alternative treatment and prevention of bio-wave electromagnetic infrared technology is new in the world of health sponsored by Japan is one of the ray / electromagnetic wave from the sun and has 4 characteristics that give positive effect for human body:

  1. Activate cell - the cell body which more active and have a higher metabolic activity, so that the perfect metabolism will produce higher energy.
  2. Split molecules water in the blood of more than 70% of the human body consists of water. Blood contains 80% water. If we rarely sports, consume vegetables, fruit and milk, sour blood PH and thick so that the distribution of O2 and vitamin water to body cells to be slow.
  3. Prevent the growth of cancer cells that emanated wave length necklace by Bio Fir (4-16 micron) intervals that are most avoided by cancer cells and that is not convenient for its growth. With necklace Bio Fir irradiation it was difficult for the body's cells to be infected by cells cancer.
  4. Prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi which create conditions that are not convenient for the growth of bacteria and fungi and that can appear anywhere in our body, especially in the difficult / rarely affordable.

Bio Fir necklace effect for the human body that is the process of cell metabolism to be more active & effective so that cells production a stunning development, the body's ability provide reaction to increase the resistance or immunity against the disease, reduce symptoms and accelerate the healing process.


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