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Thursday, May 28, 2009


For most women, jewelry and Accessories are very closely related with the fashion because if it is matched will be able to increase someone self confidence.

Rings, earrings, bracelet, necklaces, belt bag and wallet are some types of jewelry and Accessories that often decorate the body in daily life. Here are some tips you can do to treat Accessories to stay excellent, such as the followings

  1. Avoid jewelry from concussion, friction, contact with chemicals, and excessive temperature of hot and cold, perhaps because it can damage the physical condition of jewelry.
  2. Keep jewelry in place of repose a special soft material such as soft cloth and separate jewelry with the other in order not rub against each haywire, especially for the necklace.
  3. Especially for silver jewelry, you should keep in hermetic plastic, so that fulgent become longer.
  4. Do not wear jewelry when doing sport or at home working on the rough work such as washing and gardening.
  5. Avoid direct contact with the liquid of cleaning paint nails, perfume, or hair spray.
  6. When swimming, you should not wear jewelry because of chlorine in the swimming pool water can damage its bright.
  7. Clean the jewelry regularly with detergent, special cleaning, washing and cleaning service at the jewelry counter or Accessories Store subscription.
  8. For bags, belt, and wallet-based skin, should be stored in bags flannel - usually bags this flannel obtained free of charge at the time of purchase in the Accessories shop.
  9. Clean accessories based leather with leather cleaner or wood oil there is lots of white in the market.


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