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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Previously, we need to know the main reason why these rocks in the natural need to be divided into several parts, namely because of differences in mineral and chemical composition content, texture and process that resulted in the natural rock.

Based on the reasons, generally natural rock in nature is divided into 3 parts, namely:
1. Sediment Stone.
2. Stone Metamorphic.
3. Frozen Stone.

Here will be explained to each of the 3-types of rock/natural stone

Sediment Stone.
Rock is close to the process of its establishment with the process settling material and sediment cultic and non cultic consisting of organic materials and chemical processes due to evaporating, followed by dissolution particles of sediment and material that goes on simultaneously with the occurrence of the diagnoses process and sediment material rock form near the surface of the earth.

Stone Metamorphic
Stone Metamorphic is a changed stone that formed from a metamorphic rock due to changes in pressure and high temperature. (Temperature and pressure that occur from the higher temperature and pressure at the surface of the earth). Changes in temperature and high pressure is what causes changing of minerals composer to original rock minerals into the other.

Frozen Stone
Frozen Stone is the rock that caused by cooling magma, which occurs through two different kinds that is the first plutonic way through the process that as a result break through magma (intrusion magma) ascended to the top surface of the earth through small pathway, and finally form a crystal rock over decreasing temperature of the magma, and the second through volcanic way through the volcano eruption where magma reaches the surface as lava or through the fragment-fragment explode volcano.


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