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Thursday, May 28, 2009


There is a souvenir of “Sky rocks” that can be taken if the visit to East Belitung, Bangka Belitung province, Indonesia. Satam is the name for the villager that popular with meteorites. This unique Black stone with a furrow around it that perhaps the natural reaction on the meteor collision with earth layer which contains high lead millions of years ago.

A collector of meteorite Burhan stated that this stone can not be searched. Stone “satam” can only be found accidentally when a tin mine. How to get this stone satam somewhat mysterious,

meteorite can be purchased in a number of gold shops in Tanjung Pandan with the relative cheap price of about $ 10 (Ten U.S. Dollar) for the stone as big as adult thumb. In addition to jewelry, the stone is believed to "nutritious" as drug users and capable of keeping things unseen.

Apart from the things that, “satam” stone into the commodities market arouse. Many people outside Belitung hunting this stone. The uniqueness of this stone and myth with the more interesting its scarcity. Satam is located in 5 regions all around the world.


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